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Electrical Products

The following list shows most of the electrical products we can supply.

*      Cable (All Types)

*      Power Supplies

*      Switches

*      Optoelectronics

*      Suppressors / Filters / Shielding

*      Converters

*      Signal Generator

*      PCB's

*      Semiconductors

*      Sensors / Transducers

*      Analysers

*      Process Control Equipment

*      Oscilloscopes

*      Component Testing

*      General Electronic / Control Equipments

*      Multimeters and Testers

*      Electrical Test Equipments

*      Motors / Motor Control Centre

*      Generators

*      Control Gear / Switchgear

*      Current Transformers / Power Transformers

*      Circuit Breakers / Contactors

*      Cable and Cable Accessories

If the product you need is not on here then please contact us to see if we can help meet your requirements.

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